Brochure No. 10 is now open for orders


Just a quick note to let you know that you can order from Avon’s newest brochure from today, right up to Thursday 27th June via my web shop.

Some of the highlights of this brochure are:

  • Top-selling compact foundation is now available in a Matte finish as well as the original Radiant finish.
  • New Nutraeffects facial mist – lovely to hydrate, protect, and revive make-up in the hot summer months.
  • New men’s fragrance and body care “Real” – I love the smell of this! It has a citrus blend, cardamom, and driftwood.
  • Four of Avon’s favourite eau de perfums are available in 100ml bottles which you can pick up for £5 if you spend a further £10 or more on selected fragrance ranges. (100ml bottles available in Today, Perceive, Little Black Dress and Far Away).
  • There’s a new Revitalising Banana fragrance for some of the popular Avon Care products.
  • You can still buy an Anew skincare try-me kit for £10 in the Reversalist, Ultimate, or Platinum ranges. These kits contain products for a good two weeks – they make brilliant travel sizes if you’re off on your holidays.
  • Speaking of holidays, there’s buy one, choose one half-price on the Avon Care sun protection range.
  • Everyday essentials for bath and body are a fantastic 5 for £5, mix and match your favourites and perhaps try one or two new-to-you products. At a pound a pop, what have you got to lose?

I hope you enjoy taking a look at the shop/brochure (I’ve scanned this in so you can view it within this blog – just go to the Current Brochure tab).

Getting your glow on

19-05-19 glow on

Here’s a great pairing to get you glowing! I’ve featured the Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-off Mask on this blog before and I still enjoy using it. It’s a face mask I’ve been using once a fortnight, alternating it with the Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Face Mask. The peel-off mask is great for making my skin feel softer, fresher and brighter, the Olive Oil mask is deeply hydrating and plumps up my skin. I love them both, and one of the great things I find with Avon is their pricing, especially when products are on a special offer, means I can afford to have a couple of alternatives on the go even on a strict budget.

The new kid on the block this week is the Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum which I am only just taking the chance to try out. It launched this week in my web shop and it is currently selling for £14 for 30ml – the full price will be £20.

Avon says this is:
The powerful natural antioxidant for real results

After 1 use, wake up skin’s radiant glow
In 1 week skin looks and feels healthier
In 2 weeks see smoother, more even skin

The serum can be used morning or evening, after you clean your skin and before you apply your moisturiser. It is recommended that you use 1 to 2 pumps, I use 1 pump and that is just the right amount to massage into my face and neck.

The serum is a nice consistency and very slightly tacky when I apply it, but quickly sinks into the skin. It does have a very particular smell which is tangy, citrusy, but not as appealing as a glass full of orange juice. I find it perfectly acceptable, if you dislike scented products you may well struggle with it.

I’ve used this the past three mornings and, yes, I notice my skin does look brighter after applying it. This effect was definitely more noticeable when I used it after the peeling mask, and this would be a great treatment prior to going out on a special date.

The other thing that comes to mind at this time of year is weddings – using this serum for a month before the big day would be great for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride – it suits all ages and all skin types so everyone can benefit.

Of course, you can use a serum every day, all year round, but one of the things I like to do is use one as an intensive treatment for a few weeks three or four times a year – it’s often good to boost the skin as the seasons change.

Speaking of boosters, our other Vitamin C option which launched this week is the Vitamin C Radiance Booster Capsules. These are single application doses of a more concentrated product which can be mixed with your regular night cream in the palm of your hand before you apply it. This option would be great as a one-off preparation treatment the night before a big day. They come in a jar of 12 capsules at an offer price of £12, with the full price of £20.

19-05-19 capsules

I’ve used capsule products before and they are marvellous as an occasional treatment because each capsule is going to stay fresh until you open it.

This would be a fun treat for a pampering girls’ night, perhaps sticking with the wedding theme a jar shared by the hen party as they are getting ready for their merry-making? Or, perhaps more importantly, the morning after to counter the effects of the debauchery?

I hope you have found this introduction useful – now, why not head on over to my web shop and take a look at the products? You can follow the link in the header bar.

Don’t forget you can comment on my blog if you’ve got any questions or would like to feed back about the products. How about sharing how you incorporate a serum into your skincare routine?



How to take advantage of sale items online

15-04-19 Four lipsticks

Even at their full prices, Avon’s products are always good value for money, and every three weeks we have a fresh bunch of offers so that you can stock up on your favourites, or try something new, without breaking the bank. However, savvy customers will keep an eye on the Sale section for great bargains.

Take, for example, the set of lipsticks pictured above. Four full-size matte lipsticks for £10, that’s only £2.50 each. Try all four yourself, or keep one and give three as gifts – at this price they’d make ideal end-of-year teacher gifts (probably best kept for the lady teachers!). Any way you cut it, this pack is a beauty.

So how do you find the sale items? Why, on the Sales page of my online shop, of course!

15-04-19 Sale page

Once you are logged on to my shop, click on the SALE tab and you’re there. You can narrow down your choices using the Categories list to the left or just amble through all of the offerings.

My favourite bargains at the moment are:-

Avon Eve perfumes Discovery Purse Spray Gift Set £8.00 (reduced from £18.00)
Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Facial Oil 30ml £1.00 (reduced from £4.00)
True Colour SuperShock Volume Mascara £2.50 (reduced from £8.50)
Another great teacher gift idea – Black Glow cosmetics bag £2.50 (reduced from £10.00)

Also, a reminder that until 26th April 2019 any online orders over £20 will be free of postage and packing costs which makes it an even better time to nab a bargain.

lots of love

Your online beauty rep

My night-time skincare with Avon Anew

11-04-19 Nt Crm 2


Today I want to chat about my night-time skincare routine using Avon’s Anew skincare range because I have just added the Anew Ultimate Night Cream to replace the True NutraEffects Nourishing Oil Cream. It seemed like a good opportunity to give you my first impressions. The Anew Ultimate range is particularly suited to over-50s skin, but there are equivalent formulations to suit younger and older age-groups – just check them out in my shop.


Both the Anew Clean 3-in-1 Cleansing Water and the Anew Clean Comforting Cream Cleanser are equally adept at the task of removing make-up including mascara. I prefer the cream cleanser as I find the cleansing water slightly strong for my preferences. For my everyday routine I cleanse with the cream, removing it using tissues, then use some of the cleansing water on a cotton wool pad for a final ‘toner’ wipe over my face. The cream cleanser can be rinsed off with warm water if that is your preference.


11-04-19 Nt Crm 3

I have been using the Anew Ultimate Day Cream for a few weeks now, but until this week I hadn’t had the chance to try the matching Night Cream. I have to say my initial reaction to this is very positive. In the past I have tended to avoid night creams because I have sampled many from a variety of brands which have proven to be rather heavy on the skin. That is not the case with this cream which feels silky, lightweight and yet luxurious. It absorbs into my skin without leaving a greasy residue but at the same time combating feelings of dryness. It has a light and pleasant scent to it which all adds to the pleasure of using a product. I also particularly like that the jar is not identical to the one containing the day cream, so there’s no getting confused – and, yes, I have had that happen with other products.

Avon’s instructions
Anew Ultimate Night Cream
Use once daily in the evening, massaging gently over cleansed face and neck. Some individuals, especially those with sensitive skin, may feel a brief tingling sensation after application. If this occurs, wait 15 minutes after cleansing or try using the product more sparingly or less frequently, until your skin accommodates. Those with delicate or unusually sensitive skin may not be comfortable using this product.

Do I need a separate night cream?

This is a very important question. I have always been a fan of using one moisturiser regardless of whether it is daytime or night-time, using a booster product such as a serum at night whenever I have felt my skin needed a little extra help. However, my rule of thumb is that if your day cream contains an SPF, you should use a different cream at night. If the cream you use during the day has no SPF it’s perfectly fine to use it at night as well if that is what you like.

Pricing and offers

The normal price of Anew Ultimate Night Cream is £16 for a 50ml jar. Up to Thursday 25th April 2019, Avon are offering a gift set containing the day cream (also £16 for a 50ml jar) and night cream plus the brand-new Silkened Oil-in-Gel product which is used under the day cream, for a total of £28. The Oil-in-Gel will normally cost £16 for a 30ml pump bottle, but is on offer for the next few weeks at £12 if bought separately from the gift set.

The 3-in-1 Cleansing Water (200ml) and the Cream Cleanser (150ml) are normally £6.50 each, but it is worth bearing in mind that there will be an offer coming up on the cleansing range as we head into May. The Anew cleansers also include a gel (150ml) and a balm (50ml) so pretty much all tastes are covered.

Finally, if you’re not sure you would want to jump right in with full-sized products, you will have the chance during the early part of May to buy a 2-week trial set containing mini sizes of the day and night creams and Youth Maximising Serum together with a full-size eye product, all at a very special price.

Bonus offer – If you place an order through my web shop on or before Tuesday 16th April 2019 I will post you some “happy mail” to brighten your day. This will be delivered separately to your ordered products.


K-beauty Cica sheet mask review

My lovely customer, Miranda, successfully hid away from her son for a while on Mother’s Day and treated herself by trying out the K-Beauty Cica Smoothing Sheet Mask. She has kindly let me use her photos.

This mask is part of the Korean Beauty range launched by Avon in February 2019, and you can buy it in the current brochure for £3.50 which is the full retail price, or keep an eye on my webshop for one of Avon’s regular special offers.

The featured ingredient, Cica, is included in lots of Korean beauty products for its ability to calm red and sensitive skin and it brings with it a whole host of other benefits. It is a natural ingredient which has been used for centuries to treat wounds.

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the use of sheet masks, nothing could be simpler. You buy the mask as a single item and it comes sealed in a pretty sachet. You apply it to your face after completely cleansing your skin, unfolding the sheet and manoeuvring it into position. I will quote Miranda’s comment on the experience:-

This mask was absolutely drenched in product.  After removing the mask there was enough slip to give myself a nice facial massage as well as bring the product down my neck.

After relaxing for 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask and, like Miranda did, massage any remaining product into your skin – no need to rinse off.

Miranda was clearly happy with the result. Here are her before and after photos.

And to sum it up, Miranda writes:-

My skin definitely looked more glowing and refreshed after use and into the next day.

I would like to say a big thank-you to Miranda for providing the feedback and photos. It is always good to have views from some of my younger customers whose skin isn’t quite at the furrow-prone stage mine has achieved.

This would be a good point to note that there are also sheet masks in the Anew product line, and new in Brochure 7 and in my webshop now, are the Avon True NutraEffects sheet masks – Hydrating, Youth Boosting, and Radiance Boosting. These are on offer at £2.00 for a single mask.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little jaunt down the sheet mask road.

Lots of love from
Your Avon beauty rep

Top-to-toe skincare on a tight budget

At Avon we are justifiably proud of our new perfumes, our premium skincare range Anew, our True Colour make-up items, our Korean beauty masks, but don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend, spend, spend as an Avon customer. I’m here today to walk you through a top-to-toe skincare update on a tight budget.

All of the products and prices mentioned are from our current brochure, number 7, and can be purchased between Friday 5th April and Thursday 25th April inclusive.

Let’s start with the top of our heads: shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo £1 Page 215
Conditioner £1 Page 215


Whilst we’re washing, let’s buy a shower gel

Shower Gel
Shower Gel £1 Page 220

To complete the cleansing stage, a three-in-one rinse-off facial cleanser

3 in 1 cleanser
Cleanser £1.75 Page 182

Now comes the real hero product, a moisturiser you can use on your face, hands and body and you get a massive 400ml for your money

Multi purpose cream
Multipurpose moisturiser £3.00 Page 206

A little something to finish off? A quick spritz of fragrance which is as good scenting the air or your linen as it is scenting your body

Spritz £1.00 Page 224

That would be quite a fun package to open and play with wouldn’t it? The total cost to you would be £12.25 – £8.75 for the products plus £3.50 for standard postage and packing. The products would be delivered direct to your door from our central warehouse in under a week.

All of these products are available in various scents to suit your tastes and this is just an idea of the budget-conscious items Avon offers week in, week out.

Take a look today at my Avon beauty shop.  And if you place an order from the current brochure through my online shop I’ll pop a little bit of happy mail in the post to welcome you to my community.

Don’t forget – if you have any questions at all about Avon, contact me in the comments section, through my webshop, or by e-mail (see my contact page for relevant details). And if you’re on Instagram, follow me on there @pamalisonbeautyshop

Lots of love from


Your Avon beauty rep

Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-off Mask

17-03-19 Anew Gold 1

Today I’m going to have a chat with you about the Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-off Mask. The Anew Ultimate skincare range targets dullness, wrinkles and loss of firmness, issues that are typically encountered when we are in our 50s. This just happens to be where I am so I thought I’d try out the mask on behalf of my customers.

Now, I will start by saying that everyone’s skincare needs and preferences vary, and I would never suggest you choose products based purely on your age. You know your skin better than anyone else ever can do and no matter what your age you will have very definite preferences when it comes to the type of products you like to use. So my advice is be open to trying new things, but don’t let anyone tell you that you have to use the same things they do.

Whilst I sit firmly at the upper end of the 50’s age range, I have found throughout my life that my skincare needs tend to alter around the mid-decade point so I anticipate that it will be another five or six years before I feel the need for even greater support from my routine. As I say, this will differ from person to person.

The technical stuff

What Avon says: ANEW Ultimate Multi-Performance Gold Peel-off Mask helps your skin look smoother, brighter and more luminous. This luxurious formula, infused with Gold, helps enhance skin’s clarity and visibly improve imperfections, leaving skin refined and looking refreshed and energised.

To use: Apply a thin, even layer on cleansed skin. Leave on until dry. Gently peel off. Rinse with warm water. Use 1 to 2 times a week. (Avoid contact with eyes.)

My experience

I started off by thoroughly cleansing my skin. I hadn’t been wearing make-up but I did a dual-clean anyway: first I applied Avon True Oil-Infused Micellar Water on a cotton wool pad, then a layer of Avon Care Smoothing Oatmeal Face Cleanser Lotion which I removed with tissues. A quick sweep with a mild toner (not from Avon) dealt with any last traces of the cleanser and so it was on to applying a thin layer of the mask.

The mask is a pearlised gold colour and is quite tacky in consistency. It has a slight fragrance, nothing unpleasant or intrusive. When I had applied it, I looked like this:-

17-03-19 Anew Gold 3

You can see the golden glow, but it’s not quite as extreme as the promotional photos that Avon uses, by which I mean that it didn’t quite get to the point of looking like I’d been painted gold and was just waiting for James Bond to arrive. I found it dried very quickly indeed and I think I could have used a slightly thicker application than I did on this first occasion.

Peeling off the mask was fiddly and time-consuming. Again, I wonder if this would be simpler if I had done a rather thicker application. Once the bulk of it was removed I dampened two cotton wool pads with warm water and cleaned off any residue, following it with another application of mild toner then my night creams – Avon Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eyelift System around the eye area and Avon True Nutraeffects Miracle Glow Nourishing Oil Cream over my face and neck.

I did notice that my neck was rather red after using the mask, but that soon subsided.

First time results

Once I had given the creams time to settle onto my skin, I found that my face was softer than usual. As I am not a regular face-mask user, this didn’t surprise me because I know anything you use to slough off the upper layer of dead skin cells is going to have that result. I’d say my face was desperately in need of a bit of sloughing.

Is my skin smoother, brighter and more luminous? Perhaps, but very minimally. However, one application isn’t really any way to judge that so I am interested to carry on using this and see what the cumulative effect is. I will keep you posted.

The mask was pleasant to use although I expect the modern sheet masks are a less fiddly option if you have a hectic lifestyle.

The Sales Information

This mask can be purchased from my online shop (on Page 92 of the online Brochure 6) at £10 for a 75ml tube. As a bonus, if you order in this brochure, you can take advantage of a reduced price on your choice of one of three full-size Anew serums:

17-03-19 Serum offer

The full price for the serum of your choice would be £25 in this brochure, so it’s worth thinking about.

And remember, you can order at my online shop from anywhere in the UK and choose to have the items delivered free by me if you are within my delivery area (central Norwich/NR2) or opt for direct delivery from Avon’s warehouse which is free if your order is £30 or more, although I can sometimes offer reduced shipping so please be sure to keep on eye on my Instagram feed for short-term offers.

If you’ve got any questions please let me know in the comments section or send me an e-mail to

Love from